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Palm Cockatoo Drumming

Palm Cockatoo Drumming and other behaviour may be viewed via the Palm Cockatoo Drumming button,
and the three original papers documenting this discovery may be downloaded free via the Papers button.


Welcome to our website.

At Aesthetic Australian Insects we pride ourselves in providing top quality specimens of our native insects .

We breed and wild harvest the insects we supply. A1 quality specimens are perfect. A2 and A3 have minor imperfections as described in the shop. All specimens are correctly packed with full data. We fully comply with all legal requirements, and our Ornithoptera come with CITES permits.

Wild harvest means we have a permit to collect some species from designated areas. In all cases we had to do an environmental impact study and can only collect a nominated quota.

Contact us for Ornithoptera that have not yet appeared in our shop.

Doing our own breeding means we have quality control. (If it's not something we would put in our collection we know its not good enough for yours).

Due to seasonal conditions, demands and licensing restrictions not all specimens are avaliable year round.

New insects will be added over time. If you have a particular interest let us know and we will contact you if and when available.

Copies of scientific papers are also available as is the start of an identification library.

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