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Palm Cockatoo Drumming

Palm Cockatoo Drumming and other behaviour may be viewed via the Palm Cockatoo Drumming button,
and the three original papers documenting this discovery may be downloaded free via the Papers button.


After years of breeding Australian insects I have ceased trading.

Aesthetic Australian Insects insect farm was established as a means of financing research into Australian insects.

The location chosen is marginal for the breeding of our tropical butterflies. This was deliberate as I desired to investigate the limits of change within butterfly species.

Although only seventy-five kilometers west of the Great Barrier Reef and sixty-five kilometers west of the lowland hot/humid Wet Tropics, the Evelyn Tableland averages nine-hundred meters altitude and experiences temperatures as low as minus nine degrees centigrade in winter. This Tableland represents the western extremity of the range of our truly tropical species and my decision to
establish here was prompted by having observed genetic drift in a number of species.

Papers generated by my line breeding experiments are only now beginning to appear. These can be found via the Papers button under Insects: Aberrations, Genetics and Mutations.

Continuing to pursue wild things in wild places!

Graham Wood.

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